Monday, April 15, 2013

Simone France Instant Radiance Exfoliating Mask Review

I never had a problem with my skin before other than the usual combination skin which I thought was usual. I tried the Simone France Instant Radiance Exfoliating Mask and instantly saw a HUGE change in my skin. It looked healthier and felt smoother than it had in a very long time.
The closest thing to an anti-aging miracle there is for every skin type!

You'll be amazed at what this super-active beauty mask will do for your complexion. It will impart such radiance and clarity to your skin you will truly see instant results. And the more you use it the more beautiful your skin will become.

*Removes dead cells, impurities and blackheads
*Tightens pores,
*Refines skin texture
*Brightens skin.
*Speeds healing of blemishes
*Gentle exfoliant for people with sensitive skin.

I would personally recommend this to any and everyone. 

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  1. sounds awesome! I will have to check them out!