Sunday, August 18, 2013


Have you ever found yourself after a meal, using a straw, fingernail, fork, piece of paper, or whatever else you can find because you don't have a toothpick or floss readily available?  Dental floss is great, but using it in public seems a little gross to me. 

I received the Bryton Picks to review and I think these are exactly what I have been looking for.  Carrying them in your purse, keep in your desk drawer at work, or the glove compartment of your car.  They are even small and thin enough to carry in your wallet.  Available in a variety of colors and each pick is good for up to 30 days. Bryton picks are germ resistant so, just clean them with hot water and store it away until the next time.  Just another step to help out our environment. The thin flexible metal edges of the Bryton Pick fit into small crevices making it easier to clean teeth without much space between.

Dental hygene is very crucial for your health.  Tooth decay is the most common global disease affecting every family. Over 80% of cavities occur inside pits and fissures on chewing surfaces where brushing cannot reach food left trapped after every meal or snack and saliva or fluoride have no access to neutralise acid unlike easy-to-reach surfaces, where few cavities occur.

Flossing is an important element of oral hygiene, since it removes the plaque and the decaying food remaining stuck between the teeth. This food decay and plaque cause irritation to the gums, allowing the gum tissue to bleed more easily. Acid forming foods left on teeth erode teeth eventually causing cavities. Flossing for a proper inter-dental cleaning is recommended at least once per day, preferably before brushing to help prevent gum disease, cavities, and receding gums.

Product Features
  • Flexible Edges - Germ Resistant (Made in the USA)
  • Portable Credit Card Size Carrying Pouch Included - For easy, on-the-go use
  • Reusable Up to 30 Days! - Recyclable - Less Waste
  • 'Floss In Seconds' - Interdental Cleaner -One Handed Use - Slides between teeth to remove food debris- Reduce Gum Inflammation
  • Easy to use with Braces - Floss from behind the braces
  • Improve your oral and overall health by removing food debris and plaque immediately after every meal, snack while on the go in an automobile, at the office, at school, in a restaurant, or at home
You can purchase Bryton Picks at your local pharmacy or retail stores.  If you cannot find them locally you can order them from

For more information about Bryton Pics Like them on their Facebook Page
and follow them on Twitter.

Journals Unlimited

Journals Unlimited, Inc

Have you ever wanted to look back at old memories and photos just didn't seem to do the trick? Couldn't remember what was going on in a photo or couldn't exactly remember the small simple things done or said? If so, Journals Unlimited Write it Down Series is perfect for you.

I received the Ever After Couples Journal. It is absolutely amazing. On each page it has printed things for you to remember. It asks news/weather for the week, a struggle you and your loved one had, 3 nice things you did for each other, etc. On the back of each page it is set up for love notes for you and you significant other. It is a great way to look back and remember the small things that may seem huge at the moment and help you relive that memory  for a lifetime. I write in mine almost every day.

couples journalju-81-5ju-81-6

These journals have durable, long lasting, hard covers. The pages are acid free, recycled paper. They hold more memories than a photo album. They have so many different themes for journals, so there is a book for every occasion. Click here to visit their page and see which one (or more) would suit your needs.

If you wish, you can go to and register your email on the website to receive email coupons. You can also register your email through their facebook page by clicking here.

I highly recommend these to anyone who likes to keep the memories for a lifetime. I think they would be an awesome thing for my children to be able to go back and look at when they get older. I hope you all enjoy as much as I have. I see many more of them in my future.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sally Hansen Brush On In Shower Hair Remover

Do you like having silky smooth legs but hate cutting yourself with razors or going through the pain of wax? If so you should really try out the Sally Hansen Brush On In Shower Hair Remover. 

I have tried several hair remover lotions in the past and never really had much luck. When I saw the Sally Hansen In Shower Hair Remover it kind of sparked my interest. It has a brush on it so I don't have to worry about it getting all over my hands. 

It was so simple. I just took off the top, brushed the lotion on and after about 5 minutes I tested and area and THE HAIR CAME OFF!!! I was so happy to finally see a hair remover lotion work. So I continued to wash the rest off and now I have silky smooth legs that I just can't get from shaving. No pain, no cuts!

The Sally Hansen Brush On In Shower Hair Remover is definitely worth it. It works in just a few minutes. I will recommend this to anyone who is willing to try it. It is definitely worth the few minutes it takes. No more razors no more wax. To view more on in and other amazing things Sally Hansen has to offer go on over to her website.

Hope you all enjoy just as much as I did.

Monday, July 29, 2013

YoYo Lipgloss

Do you love lipgloss but hate trying to find it in a purse or bag? Search no further. Now I have found a place that makes lipgloss on a retractable clip. It looks great and tastes great. Not to mention it feels great on your lips. 

Here are just a few of the flavors they have. As you cans see they have the clips on them. Just clip them anywhere and they are there when you need them. Did I mention they are retractable!!!

Here is my daughter. You can't tell by the picture but she is so excited about the lip gloss. She was wanting me to hurry up and take a picture so she could use them lol. 

To learn more about YoYo Lip Gloss visit their websites:

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If you’ve ever done one rep too many, bent the wrong way or been frozen by a back spasm, you know there’s no pain like back pain. The persistent throbbing can knock you off your feet—and lying down stiffens what already hurts. We have a better solution.
Our generously sized Back Wrap provides fast, penetrating relief for upper, mid or low back pain. It’s perfect for abdominal cramps and muscle tenderness on large areas of the body. The adjustable strap keeps it comfortably in place.
Chill it in the fridge or freezer, or pop it in the microwave. The pack retains its therapeutic temperature for a full 20 minutes, so you can numb the pain with analgesic cold, or let the soothing heat release your knotted muscles. You’ll get big relief in no time.

I recently got the back wrap and I have to say I am in love it. My mom had a wreck a few years back and I put it in the microwave for a minute and now she is in love as well. 

There are many ways to visit TheraPearl online. They have their website, facebook, twitter, pinterest,  and google+.

Crayon Rocks

Do you like to color but hate when the skinny crayons break? Worry no more. Crayon rocks are so much better. Crayon rocks are smaller and rounder so they don't break half as easy as normal crayons. Kids love them and it makes coloring even more fun for them.

The crayon rocks art bigger than they look in this picture but you get the general idea. They come in a bag and almost look like huge jelly beans. They are so much fun for kids. My daughter is 4 and absolutely loves them. She keeps asking me if she can color a picture with her rocks.

Great things about Crayon Rocks
  • Crayon Rocks are all natural soy wax crayons made from USA grown soybeans and colored with mineral pigments.
  • The colors are vibrant and can be layered to make beautifully textured art work.
  • They were designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles, preparing fingers and hands for handwriting.
  • The shape allows small fingers to color in large, wide strokes creating pictures rich in color.
  • Used by occupational therapists to develop fine motor skills.
If you would like to know more about crayon rocks click here to visit their website.

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Piczzle Photo Puzzle

Do you like photo's to remember some good times or favorite memories? Do you like puzzles? If so why not have the best of both worlds and have your Piczzle Photo Puzzle? Piczzle is the best way to turn your photo into puzzle.

I chose a picture of me and my boyfriend that I had edited when we first got together.  The box shows you what the picture is going to look like and tells how many pieces there are in a puzzle. My puzzle was a medium size cardboard puzzle that contains 30 pieces.

Here is a picture of the actual puzzle. The pieces are made of cardboard and are very sturdy. The picture quality of the puzzle as you see if very good. It is the 8 by 10 size so easily could be put in a picture frame if you so wish. 

There are many ways to visit Piczzle. You can go to Piczzle Photo Puzzle,  Piczzle Photo Puzzle on Facebook, or Piczzle Photo Puzzle on Youtube.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nunaat Brazillian Keratin Collection

NAAT Brazilian Keratin collection restores and intensifies your hair's nutritional balance, leaving it incredibly smooth, strong and flexible. Unlike typical animal-based keratins, our exclusive Green Keratin formula stays in your hair longer and is more resistant to rinsing. Promotes vibrancy and hydration, giving hair a natural, healthy shine.

I use to have so many problems with my hair until I tried this collection.  I use heat to style my hair. Hair straighteners and blow dryers do alot of damage on my hair. Now after using it for just a few weeks my hair feels strong, healthy and silky smooth. I am now in love with the Brazillian Keratin Collection. Here is some information about each product. 

  • Works with all hair types
  • Repairs cuticle damage
  • Regenerates and strengthens hair fibers
  • Restores natural shine and softness
  • Seals hair cuticles
  • Reduces volume and frizz
  • Makes hair resilient and healthy
  • Formaldehyde and sodium chloride free
Great for every day use. Also recommended for those who have professionally relaxed/straightened hair to keep hair at its best between touch-ups.

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Shampoo
(10.1 oz)
Formulated with mild surfactants, Green Keratin and amino acids, all of which provide deep cleansing without being abrasive. Designed for daily use. Sodium      chloride free.

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Conditioner
(10.1 oz)
Contains high-capacity conditioning ingredients so hair is easily untangled. Our exclusive formula contains Green Keratin and amino acids.Reduces frizz and tames unruly hair. Designed for daily use.             

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask
(17.6 oz)
Apply after hair has been shampooed and rinsed in place of normal conditioner. The mask will intensely hydrate and repair hair fibers. Leave in for 10-20 minutes, then rinse well. To make hair even smoother, Deep Moisturizing Conditioner can be added to ends of hair after Intensive Hair Mask has been rinsed out. Use every one or two weeks, as necessary.

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor
(10.1 oz)
A non-rinse formula. Once a desired amount is applied to hair, leave in for a few minutes before blow-drying as usual. A flat iron seals hair cuticles, causing the keratin to effectively penetrate hair fibers. Designed for frequent use, or as needed.

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine
(2 oz)
Our special silicone formula creates a film that protects hair against environmental  damage, keeping it moisturized and providing extra conditioning, more shine and increased flexibility. This styling product can be used on wet or dry hair. Apply a small amount and distribute evenly. Use as often as desired.

I'm telling you if you try this you will not regret it.

To visit their website visit:

To like them on facebook visit:

To follow them on twitter visit:

To see them on youtube visit:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fake Bake Lotion

I’ve tried several brands over the last couple of years. And unfortunately I’ve been disappointed with just about every product I’ve tried so far. My biggest complaint with self-tanning is that I usually end up looking like an umpa lumpa within hours of the application.
I was recently giving the opportunity to try Fake Bake Original Tanning Lotion. I was simply terrified when I squeezed the lotion into the palm of my hand and realized it was a thick dark green. And, once I began applying Fake Bake to my skin, my skin became tinted green. However, I have to give Fake Bake a 5 Star rating!
It’s simply amazing. While it scared me to death at first with its thickness and color, it actually left me with a subtle tan. No streaking and no orange or even green discoloration.
On top of its amazing ability to leave your tan looking natural, it seemed to last for several days without reapplying. It’s really the best of all the self-tanning lotions I’ve ever tried!
I am so happy with this product and never plan on using anything else. Why not have a beautiful tan all year long and not put your body through the stress of a tanning bed!

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Krave Jerky

Do you like jerky? I know I do. I was thrilled to try Krave Jerky. Which is not only good for you it tastes amazing. So many flavors and a wonderful variety I must say.

Nutrition Facts:
KRAVE Jerky is a high-protein, low-calorie snack product

Devoid of any nitrates, hormones and artificial flavors, all-natural KRAVE Jerky has an elevated conscious, using lean cuts of domestic meat and all-natural, gourmet ingredients

KRAVE Jerky is under 100 calories per serving

KRAVE Jerky minimizes empty calories and excessive sodium, while also serving as an excellent source of zinc, iron and B vitamins

KRAVE Jerky allows you to feel full without overdoing fat, calorie and carbohydrate intake

Due to its recipes, meat selection and proprietary cooking process, KRAVE's products are materially lower in salt (50-70%), cholesterol (50-70%) and calories (15-70%) than its major competitors and are 97% fat free.

KRAVE Jerky contains primarily monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats have several beneficial effects when eaten in place of saturated fats or trans-fats, mainly reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and lowering risk of heart disease and stroke. Such fats are also typically high in vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin that is lacking in the typical American diet

Elite athlete Vito Bialla, the only person ever to complete a six-day back-to-back Double Ultraman (a back-to-back Iron Man triathalon) in 63 hours, depends on KRAVE Jerky for healthy high-protein, low-calorie snacking

Believe me now? It is absolutely amazing. It comes in beef, pork, and turkey. 

What is Krave you ask?
KRAVE is jerky elevated – no longer must consumers settle for tough, chemically-processed products, but instead can turn to a flavorful, artisanal snack crafted with care and made using only high-quality ingredients. A cut above the old, leathery, chemically processed products, KRAVE represents a jerky renaissance, providing an all-natural snack that is both healthy and flavorful. Consumers can now enjoy a jerky for all seasons with KRAVE's wide selection of innovative flavors including basil citrus and lemon garlic (turkey); chili lime, curry, garlic chili pepper and pineapple orange (beef); and smoky grilled teriyaki (pork). Unlike virtually all other food and beverage categories, the meat snack/jerky division has long been short on excitement and creativity, crying out for innovation and contemporary alternatives to the large meat processors' status quo. KRAVE saw the opportunity to disrupt this sleepy food category with an elevated product that is all beef and no bull and has premium flavor profiles and healthier attributes. Devoid of any nitrates, MSG or artificial flavors, all-natural KRAVE jerky has an elevated conscience.

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Do you have any jackets or pants with strings that you lose one side with? Do you get tired of trying to pull the string back out with no luck? Well if so then today is your lucky day.

Now with EZstringer you can restring your drawstrings with just 3 simple steps.


Feed the string through the guide, guide it through the hole, then slide the string out of the guide. Now you never have to worry about losing one side of your drawstring.

I got so tired of trying not to lose my drawstrings, or when I did spending countless hours trying to fix them before getting frustrated and saying forget it or just pulling the string out all together. I absolutely love the EZstringer. Go ahead and try one for yourself.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weston Leather Photo Envelope

Do you like having photo's to show to family and friends but don't want them getting ruined or bent? If so then the Weston Leather Photo Envelope is for you.

A stylish way to keep your favorite photos close to you.  This compact design can hold approximately fifteen 4”x 6” photos.  This artistic envelope tucks neatly closed to protect your photos so you can carry them easily.  Simply open the flap to show off the kids or your latest vacation.  Available in Black, Red, Pink, Ostrich Tan and Crocodile Brown.

I have one myself and absolutely love it. Go on over to Weston Leather. Photo Envelopes aren't the only thing they have but this is the product I received and absolutely love it. 

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Skoy Scrub

The Skoy Scrub is a new concept in kitchen scouring pads. The reusable scrubs are made in Europe from cotton and non-toxic hardener that outlast traditional scrubbers.  The Skoy Scrub comes in a variety of colors and designs which adds fun as well as function to any kitchen. These scrubs will replace the old green scouring pads or scrub sponges. The Skoy Scrub is not limited to the kitchen and works well on most surfaces.

  •  Reusable and long lasting  •
  •  Replaces traditional scouring pads  •
  •  Easy to clean  •
  •  Safe on most surfaces  •
  •  Fun colors and designs  •

  • The Skoy Scrub will replace the outdated scouring pad to:
  • Clean baked on foods from hard surfaces such as pots and pans.
  • Clean stovetops and counters
  • Scrub root vegetables
  • Remove Windshield bug bits
  • Remove scale and hardwater spots

The Skoy scrub is best cleaned on the top rack in the dishwasher

Absolutely amazing product. So much simpler than scrubbing til your hands and arms hurt. 

Vinyl Disorder

Vinyl Disorder - Custom Car & Wall Vinyl Graphics

Have you ever wanted a sticker or a shirt to say a specific thing but can't find it anywhere for a reasonable price? Well look no further. Vinyl Disorder has everything and the best part is they will put whatever you want on it. Here is some info straight from their page.

I just recently got a car decal from them. A few years ago I lost my grandfather who was my whole world. Now I have a Rememberance Sticker on my car. Everytime I look in the rearview mirror I can remember him. They are absolutely amazing and I got exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend that you atleast go to their page and if you don't see anything that you absolutely love I will be amazed.


This is the sticker I got from them. It is in loving memory of my sweet Grandfather. If you would like one you can go to to view everything they have.

To view more of my blogs you can go to to view more.

Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps

Brothers-All-Natural Goofy Strawberry-Banana Fruit Crisps, 1/2 c bags, 24-pack

Freeze dried is a moms best friend. Having a snack that's healthy is a bonus. My daughter loves fruit, any kind of fruit from bananas to pears to kiwis to tangerines. She however don't seem to have the patience to actually sit down and eat fruit in a non messy way.

Brothers-All-Natural Mickey Mouse Apple Fruit Crisps, 1/2 c bags, 24-packSo I love when I find freeze dried fruit that is easy to give them and is healthy. My daughter is 3 going on 4 she is into Mickey and Cars and all those characters still. I literally barely had these out of the box before she was grabbing and running off with them. These fruit crisps are not fruit "flavored", they are real freeze dried fruit pieces. They are a really great on the go snack or a quick afternoon snack for them.

Brothers-All-Natural Donald Duck Pear Fruit Crisps, 1/2 c bags, 24-packWe received the Apples, Pears, and Strawberry and bananas. Her favorite of course being the Strawberry and Bananas. She was thrilled to see that they were Disney characters on the bag then even more happy that they were so delicious. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any myself. 

Again the Disney ones we received that were used in this review are the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fruit Crisps containing the Mickey Mouse Apple, Goofy Strawberry and Bananas, and the Donald Duck Pear

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Wearever - Incontinence Underwear That Fits Your Lifestyle

Does your child wet the bed? Do you ever wish there was a bib that would cover the whole body? Well look no more. Wearever has it. They also have adult briefs that look like underwear but have the convenience for people who have incontinence problems.

Buy Discount Economy Bed Pad at

One of the things I tried was the bedpads. My daughter is potty trained but still has a problem with having accidents at times. The bed pads came in handy. I no longer have to worry about her sheets or mattress on a daily basis. Trust me the bedpad takes us much less room than the sheets do in the washer.

Buy Discount Full-Sized Bibs at

The full sized bibs may be made for adults but they definitely come in handy for 4 year olds. I got so tired of changing my daughter multiple times a day because she would be covered in food she had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now I simply put a bib on her and let her eat and be as messy as she wants to be. I just take the bib off and throw it in the washer and she finally wears one outfit all day long.

The wearever website has so much to offer. Go look and I promise you will be suprised by what you see. Just click here and start browsing.

April Starbox from Starlooks


So I have recently got really into make up and being a "girlie girl".  I got a starbox from starlooks and have to say I absolute love everything that is in it.

In the box were many things. I got some loose powder, lengthening mascara, lipstick, and chap stick. I was so eager to try them all out that I put washed my face just to put on fresh make-up at 8 O'clock at night.

The loose powder left my face feeling fresh. Not clumped or caked like some make up does. It feels as if you are wearing nothing at all. It conceals and gives your face a nice glow and complection.

The lengthening mascara appears to be clear. I usually have a problem with my eyelashes clumping which was not the case with the lengthening mascara. It make my eyelashes look long and so pretty. 

The lipstick was a nice subtle shade. It was enough to know it was there but not overpowering as to bring all the attention to your lips. It made it look more natural and that is something i really like about it.

The chapstick was refreshing. It was a mixture of aloe and mint. It had a refreshing feel and the mint really gave my lips a fresh feel.

I absolutely love the starbox and would like to get more in the future. If you haven't tried it you really should.try it. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls

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Mrs. Very Flamable's Mother's Day Giveaway

 It's that time of the year again, with Mother's Day just a week away are you still searching for the perfect gift for Mom? If so no worries I have the gift guide for every kinda mom there is. Just for checking it all out you get to win one of each! YAY!

For the mom who's always in the kitchen (which no guys isn't where all women belong lol)

EatSmart has a Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale that any mom would love you have. Make things a little more easy for her in the kitchen when she's making your favorite meal or even better when she's making her famous homemade cookies! You just can't go wrong with this gift. It benefits you and her ;) To read my full review click HERE. Below you'll see what you can win!

For the mommy who has kept up with everything you've ever done that was special to her, why not give her something she can put it in and personalize. Tatutina has a new line of Wooden Keepsake Boxes, called Happy Boxes. Their the cutest little things and she gets to personalize it with a inital/wooden letter of her choice. To read my full review click HERE

Maybe your mom is more into the beauty side of things, but she's not into all the harsh chemicals companies use in their products. Her perfect gift can be found at Merlot Natural Grape Seed Skin Care. Here they use red grapes to make the best skin care products you can find. After all you have to make sure you get the best for the best mom! To read my full review click HERE.

For the mommy to be you can give her a priceless gift she'll never forget. With My Baby's First Beat Bear she will get to cherish the sounds of her babies heartbeat forever. You get to choose from several cute bear designs, from bears to frog and giraffes to owls. They have the cutest bears you can find. Then every year on Mother's Day she'll remember the reason she gets to celebrate the day. Read my full review HERE

logoDo you have the posh mom who loves her jewelry? Then look no further than Blue Steel. They provide you with high grade, 100% surgical steel jewelry. Don't let their name fool you though they have gold, silver and other sets of jewelry you can choose from but their steel in beautiful. Don't worry about spending every dime you have because all of their items are reasonably priced. Maybe you need a new ring for your wife or a special necklace for mom for Mother's Day, now you know where to go. Read my full review HERE.

Boba FamilyHas your wife just had a baby? Maybe it's her first Mother's Day and there were a few things she didn't get at the baby shower that she still needs. Maybe it's not your wife maybe it's a dear friend or maybe your mom just gave you the gift of having a little brother or sister. Either way you can't go wrong with The Dream Feeder from Baby Bee-Haven, which makes feeding baby convenient or the Boba Air from the Boba Family, which makes toting baby around easy and arm free. To read my full review for Boba click HERE and for Baby Bee-Haven click HERE.

Is your mom a gardener? Than look no further than Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds to give her some of the best seeds money can buy. They will give her the prettiest and best tasting fruits, vegetables and spices she has ever had in her life. You might wanna pick her up some garde
ning tools to go with but other than that you'll have everything you need. Now get out in the garden and help her plant them :) To read my full review click HERE.

Do you have a mom that's always on the go or maybe she enjoys Yoga? Sprigs is the place for her. They have all kinds of things for moms on the go. Sprigs makes Banjees wrist wallets, Earbags, Yoga Clothes, fleece gloves, mittens, hot collars, hats, beanies, infinity scarves. If you would like to read more you can check out my full review HERE.

Any of you that read my blog know that I have already blogged about the lovely company Simone France. You can read my review here. Knowing how much they love my readers they have decided to make one Mother very happy for Mother's Day and they are going to giveaway a Mother's Day Bath Kit. This includes AAAHHH Bath Salts, Terry Spa Hair Band and Body Glow Lotion! Doesn't that sound great? Yeah, I think so too!

Family Stickers offers some of the cutest decals for your car and more. You can check them out HERE. What mom wouldn't love taking her family with her everywhere she goes with a window decal? One lucky mom will get a $30 Gift Card to Family stickers to get one! Review and pictures of what I chose to come!

This one is my favorite and what my husband ordered for me for Mother's Day. Printer Pix offers everything photo personalized from iPhone cases, mugs, photo books, photo canvases and much more. I chose
the, well he chose lol, the photo canvas.It's wall decor, I chose the 36x24 one. Do you know what that means? One mommy gets one too. You can check out what they have to offer HERE. Review to come with pictures!

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.Ms. Know It All's Savings and Reviews is not responsible for prize shipment