Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sally Hansen Brush On In Shower Hair Remover

Do you like having silky smooth legs but hate cutting yourself with razors or going through the pain of wax? If so you should really try out the Sally Hansen Brush On In Shower Hair Remover. 

I have tried several hair remover lotions in the past and never really had much luck. When I saw the Sally Hansen In Shower Hair Remover it kind of sparked my interest. It has a brush on it so I don't have to worry about it getting all over my hands. 

It was so simple. I just took off the top, brushed the lotion on and after about 5 minutes I tested and area and THE HAIR CAME OFF!!! I was so happy to finally see a hair remover lotion work. So I continued to wash the rest off and now I have silky smooth legs that I just can't get from shaving. No pain, no cuts!

The Sally Hansen Brush On In Shower Hair Remover is definitely worth it. It works in just a few minutes. I will recommend this to anyone who is willing to try it. It is definitely worth the few minutes it takes. No more razors no more wax. To view more on in and other amazing things Sally Hansen has to offer go on over to her website.

Hope you all enjoy just as much as I did.

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