Monday, July 29, 2013

Piczzle Photo Puzzle

Do you like photo's to remember some good times or favorite memories? Do you like puzzles? If so why not have the best of both worlds and have your Piczzle Photo Puzzle? Piczzle is the best way to turn your photo into puzzle.

I chose a picture of me and my boyfriend that I had edited when we first got together.  The box shows you what the picture is going to look like and tells how many pieces there are in a puzzle. My puzzle was a medium size cardboard puzzle that contains 30 pieces.

Here is a picture of the actual puzzle. The pieces are made of cardboard and are very sturdy. The picture quality of the puzzle as you see if very good. It is the 8 by 10 size so easily could be put in a picture frame if you so wish. 

There are many ways to visit Piczzle. You can go to Piczzle Photo Puzzle,  Piczzle Photo Puzzle on Facebook, or Piczzle Photo Puzzle on Youtube.

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