Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Wearever - Incontinence Underwear That Fits Your Lifestyle

Does your child wet the bed? Do you ever wish there was a bib that would cover the whole body? Well look no more. Wearever has it. They also have adult briefs that look like underwear but have the convenience for people who have incontinence problems.

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One of the things I tried was the bedpads. My daughter is potty trained but still has a problem with having accidents at times. The bed pads came in handy. I no longer have to worry about her sheets or mattress on a daily basis. Trust me the bedpad takes us much less room than the sheets do in the washer.

Buy Discount Full-Sized Bibs at Eversures.com

The full sized bibs may be made for adults but they definitely come in handy for 4 year olds. I got so tired of changing my daughter multiple times a day because she would be covered in food she had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now I simply put a bib on her and let her eat and be as messy as she wants to be. I just take the bib off and throw it in the washer and she finally wears one outfit all day long.

The wearever website has so much to offer. Go look and I promise you will be suprised by what you see. Just click here and start browsing.

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