Thursday, May 2, 2013

Godefroy Heated Eyelash Curler

 Do you like to have curled eye lashes but hate using the metal that can hurt or harm your eyelids? Fear no more. Godefroy has come out with a heated eye lash curler. I know what you're thinking, heated? Why would I want to put something hot next to my eye?

Well the heated eyelash curler does not get "hot". It is warm and it curls eyelashes better than any metal eyelash curler has ever done. It does not wear out through out the day. It will keep your eyelashes curled all day long.

I recently was given an opportunity to pick out a product for free from Godefroy Beauty Products.
The item I chose to review was the Heated Eyelash Curler. The reason I did is because I had heard from a friend that these are really nice to curl your lashes with and they work better than those ones that you just put your lash in and pinch.
The curler does run off of one AAA battery. As you can tell you just pop the battery cover off insert the battery and then you are ready to use your heated curler. It really is very easy to use.

So, have you ever tried to curl your lashes with those old eyelash curlers? How did it work, not to good? Well, Godefroy has taken care of that problem for you. They made one that is heated and it separates and extends your eyelashes so it makes your eyelashes look fuller and your eyes look more beautiful.

Here are some basic features of the heated eyelash curler:
-Can be used with or without mascara
- No pinched or broken lashes
- Slim, compact and portable
- Great for purse or travel
- Vented comb gently warms and curls lashes

Godefroy has many salon products if you own your own salon, or even a decent amount of products make especially for consumers.

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